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Thermographic Inspections

  Thermography detects heat variations thus is able to detect warmer and cooler regions of a house.  This might be indicative of moisture issues or where the house is losing heat or air conditioning.  If windows aren’t sealed or the attic insulation is missing or deficient, these tools can help detect these problems. 


Want to know if the house was poorly constructed, has air or plumbing leaks or even abnormal heat from an electrical system or heating appliance?  Then you definitely want to speak with your home inspector about using thermal imaging technology  Should these issues go unresolved they can cost you more money in the long run with repairs or lost money slipping through the cracks.  Ever wonder if there was a leak in the roof that hasn’t been fixed? Using thermography technology can help detect moisture trapped and before it penetrates through the interior walls – this could be detrimental to your pocketbook and ceiling.


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