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Common Cause of Foundation Problems

WATER!!, either too much or not enough. Homes in the South Texas region are particularly prone to foundation problems due to our highly expansive clay soils. Soils with a high clay content react to moisture like a sponge, they expand and contract.

When all of the soil beneath a foundation swells and contracts uniformly, there usually are no issues. Variations occur when only part of the foundation settles. The variations in movement can cause cracks and other structural damage. These problems occur in both slab and pier and beam type foundations. In both residential and commercial properties, foundation problems can result in costly damage to the structure, equipment malfunctions, potential accidents, and loss of property value.


The top 10 signs of foundation problems.

  1. Are your floors uneven?

  2. Do you have cracks in your tile floors?

  3. Do you have cracks in your interior walls above doors and windows?

  4. Are your doors hard to open and close?

  5. Do your doors fall open or closed?

  6. Are your counter tops out of level?

  7. Are there cracks in the outside walls?

  8. Are there gaps around your outside windows?

  9. Are there gaps around your outside doors?

  10. Is there a gap under your garage door one one side?

Foundation problems, cracks in exterior walls
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