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SERVICES:One-Time, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual


As it mists, the MOSQUITO-PROtm insect control system sprays pyrethrum insecticide into a perimeter spraying area to kill or repel mosquitos and other flying insects within certain protection zones such as areas around pools, outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, porches - even entire yards. Our system is the foremost mosquito misting system on the market today. Installed by fully trained and licensed pest control professionals, the MOSQUITO-PROtm system can be used effectively as a single line of defense against mosquitos and other flying insects. 


In Texas, Most yards, especially in older neighborhoods support termites. While termites are more abundant in some locations, chances are good that your yard has termites. Finding termites in a fence or woodpile, or in landscape timbers, does not necessarily mean that your home needs to be treated, but it should alert you to the presence of termites around your home.


A few bed bugs can become a large infestation quickly. One female bed bug may produce up to 500 offspring during its lifetime, and three generations can live per year. Imagine how many bed bugs you'd have in a year if just one reproductive pair finds its way into your home.


A cockroach problem can be identified by physical evidence such as cockroach droppings, smear marks, shed skin, cockroach eggs, unusual odor and actual sightings in kitchens and bathrooms.  Professional treatment is often the most effective way to get rid of cockroaches in your home or business.

mosquito fogging 

Our mosquito fogging service will give you and your family protection from themosquitos for up to 1 Month! (weather permitting)  Take back your yard this Summer and show those bugs who's boss.

Wild Animal Removal

Squirrels, possums, and raccoons can be a very destructive force one they have made a home for themselves in your attic.  Our trained professionals will trap the target animal as well as secure any access points preventing re-infestation.

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