MOSQUITO-PROtm utilizes a revolutionary, customizable mosquito and insect misting system on every installation. This mosquito mist system is unique to us and features a digital timer, upgradeable software capabilities, and is completely automated. As it mists, the MOSQUITO-PROtm insect control system sprays pyrethrum insecticide into a perimeter spraying area to kill or repel mosquitoes and other flying insects within certain protection zones such as areas around pools, outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, porches - even entire yards. Our system is the foremost mosquito misting system on the market today. We are the leading manufacturer in the mosquito and insect control industry and want to help you take your yard back from unwanted pests!

Installed by fully trained and licensed pest control professionals, the MOSQUITO-PROtm system can be used effectively as a single line of defense against mosquitoes and other flying insects.

The MOSQUITO-PROtm insect misting system is perfect for:

Around the perimeter of homes


Patio and Recreational Areas

Restaurant outdoor common areas

Dog Runs


Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Horse Stables

Dairy Farms



Acting as the heart of the MOSQUITO-PROtm system is the pump and motor assembly which is mounted on the top of the reservoir along with the circuit board which controls it. Pre-set orders are issued from the circuit board to the assembly instructing it as to what day and time of day to spray as well as the duration of each mist cycle. Thereby, acting in the manner of a heart, it will pump Pyrethrum throughout the network of nylon tubing to all of the nozzles within the spray zone. The standard pump and motor assembly includes a 1/2 horsepower motor which is more than sufficient to run the 140 gallon per hour pump. When engaged, the pump easily maintains a steady pressure between 160 and 200 psi to effectively distribute the Pyrethrum throughout the spray zone.


*NOTE* Unlike other firms, who feature it as an available option, a remote control is a standard feature on your MOSQUITO-PROtm system. This remote allows you to mist in between scheduled spray times or even turn the system off from inside the house up to 3,000 feet away from the system.

The MOSQUITO-PROtm system utilizes a nozzle network which acts in the manner of the human intravenous system. It is essentially a network of nylon tubing that encircles the spray zone where it delivers Pyrethrum to the nozzles which are specially designed, aesthetically pleasing and quite inconspicuous. Each of the nozzles is installed approximately 8 to 15 feet apart and is positioned so each will simultaneously spray a fine mist of Pyrethrum several feet into the area in which they are directed. The nozzles themselves are usually made of nickel plated brass with either stainless steel or brass misting tips. Depending on the overall design of the perimeter spray zone, the nozzles will be affixed in the most effective combination to the fencing, trees and eaves of the house or as risers within the landscaping. The tubing itself is fastened in such a manner as to not be readily seen and is available in black, white or natural which may be painted to match the decor of the home. If necessary, the nozzles are buried in the ground within a protective conduit so that it is not easily seen or damaged.

AM Solutions guarantees your system will always receive the attention and maintenance it deserves, with a visit from one of our uniformed technicians every 4-6 weeks. This service also includes supplying additional insecticide as needed. (service fee)


Your mosquito misting system will be serviced to ensure that it is running at optimal level. Also, if you notice any problems with your system we will send a technician out to service your unit within 48 hours of the initial phone call.

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